Two basic sizes — Standard (35 and 25) and Medium (20). Our Medium size is perfect for women, youths, and men, and is simply a great (slightly smaller) everyday backpack size. Our Standard size is a typical daypack size that’s slightly larger.

The chart below shows the actual dimensions of our backpacks. Please compare the dimensions with your body size and needs. Contact us if you have any questions or need a recommendation.

Standard Size

19-20 inch Height
12-13 inch Width

Medium Size

17.25 inch Height
11.25 inch Width
Pilot 35 Urban 20
Alta 35 Alta 20
Revel 25 Revel 20

For comparison, our backpack’s height and width dimensions are listed. We have two basic sizes, Standard and Medium — described above. Generally, for individuals 5-foot-5 or shorter, the Standard models (19” and 20” in height) may be large enough to hang past your waist (and over your bum). While this shouldn’t affect the comfort, it may look big.

Model Height Width
Pilot 35 19" 13"
Alta 35 20" 13"
Alta 20 17.25" 11.25"
Revel 25 19" 12"
Revel 20 17.25" 11.25"
Urban 20 17.25" 11.25"

Most of the new models in our 2019 Collection have our newly-designed laptop compartment. This laptop compartment is located in the back panel, is easily accessible, and literally sandwiches your laptop between two fabric-lined thick layers of foam padding.

Model Compartment? Laptop Size
Pilot 35 Yes 15 to 17 inch
Alta 35 Yes 15 to 17 inch
Alta 20 Yes 13 inch*
Revel 25 Yes 15 to 17 inch
Revel 20 Yes 13 to 15 inch
Urban 20 No 13 inch*

Asterisk Note: While the Urban 20 does not have the laptop compartment, users can carefully place a 13 inch laptop (and some 15 inch laptops) in the main compartment with the rest of their cargo. The Alta 20 model can fit (although it is tight) a 15 inch Apple PowerBook in its compartment.