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IVAR Backpacks are based on a patented design, offering superior comfort and organization.


The most organized and comfortable backpacks.


No backpack delivers comfort and organization like IVAR. Typical backpacks are “open sacks” — everything falls to a disorganized mess at the bottom with the weight on your lower back. Our IVAR-LIFT Design is the ultimate solution, offering a file-like structure for true weight distribution, comfort and organization.


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“This is the most comfortable and ergonomically correct backpack I have ever seen.”

Dr. Holly Klopfer, DPT
Physical Therapist
San Francisco, CA


“Everything in its right place. IVAR’s packs use semi-rigid dividers to redistribute the weight.”

Eric Hageman
TODAY Travel
New York City, NY


“We love it!  Your system is fabulous from both organizational and weight distribution aspects. It simply looks and feels great.”

Lynne Gregg
Bought IVAR for her Son
Seattle, WA


“Good ergonomics for a backpack. The IVAR pack attempts to evenly distribute the weight of the pack, bringing items closer to your body and stacking the weight vertically.”

Stuart Yeh PT
Physical Therapy Associates
of New York, LLC


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