Find the Right Backpack Size

Are you looking for a Standard or Medium size? Capacity and volume needs for what you carry is the primary factor. Our Standard is a typical backpack size, with bag dimensions of approximately 19” tall by 13” wide. Our Medium is slightly smaller at about 17” tall by 11” wide.

Another factor is your own physical height. If you’re 5-foot-5 or shorter, our Standard size may be long enough to hang past your waist (and over your bum). While this shouldn’t affect comfort, it may look big. Individuals of this height may prefer the Medium size.

Description Standard Size Medium Size
Approx. Dimensions 19" Height
13" Width
17" Height
11" Width
Models of this Size Pilot 35
Alta 35
Revel 25
Alta 20
Revel 20
Urban 20


Laptop Compartment Backpack

All of our 2019 models have a dedicated laptop compartment located in the back panel — except for the Urban 20 model. This laptop compartment is easily accessible and literally sandwiches your laptop between two fabric-lined thick layers of foam padding. See the below table showing the models and the laptop sizes that fit.

The Urban 20 does not have this specific compartment. Users may carefully place a 13 inch laptop (or some 15 inch laptops) in the main compartment with the rest of their cargo.

Model Compartment? Laptop Size
Pilot 35 Yes 15 to 17 inch
Alta 35 Yes 15 to 17 inch
Alta 20 Yes 13 inch*
Revel 25 Yes 15 to 17 inch
Revel 20 Yes 13 to 15 inch
Urban 20 No 13 inch*

Asterisk Note: While the Urban 20 does not have the laptop compartment, users can carefully place a 13 inch laptop (and some 15 inch laptops) in the main compartment with the rest of their cargo. The Alta 20 model can fit (although it is tight) a 15 inch Apple PowerBook in its compartment.


Our Actual Backpack Measurements

You may want to know the exact product height and width measurements, and compare those with your own needs or expectations. The table below shows our model’s height and width. Please note the depth of our backpacks range from 6 to 8 inches proportionately and their weight is about 2.5 to 3 pounds.

Model Height Width
Pilot 35 19" 13"
Alta 35 20" 13"
Alta 20 17.25" 11.25"
Revel 25 19" 12"
Revel 20 17.25" 11.25"
Urban 20 17.25" 11.25"


Still wondering how to choose the right backpack?

We’re here to help. Shoot us an email with your questions. Use as much detail as possible regarding what you’re looking for. We know our backpacks inside-and-out and look forward to assisting you with the appropriate choice!