Why be an IVAR affiliate?

IVAR gives you a truly unique backpack design to share. Our innovative and patented IVAR-LIFT Design is exclusive to IVAR, offering ideal weight distribution, carrying comfort, and perfect organization. Besides innovation, we’re committed to the highest level manufacturing quality and ultra durable materials. We also pay 10% commission and have a 60 day tracking window.

Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • 10% Commission.

  • 60 Day Tracking (Cookie) Window.

  • $140+ Average Sale Value. You’ll earn over $10 per sale generally.

  • No Coupon/Discounts Competition: Many websites entice their viewers to purchase with perpetually advertised coupons. In such a situation, a viewer will learn about our product on your website, then preform a Google search, and find it at a discount elsewhere. We see this as unfair to you. As such, we do not work with website who advertise coupons or discounts.

  • Graphics, Copy, and Help: You will have a direct connection with our marketing and sales group who is ready and happy to help you with any requests. You’ll have access to a library of graphics and copy. We can even create custom graphics and articles for you.

  • Sharing the Only Backpack for Comfort and Organization: Our backpack design is truly one-of-a-kind and proprietary. No other backpack delivers organization and comfort like the IVAR-LIFT.

  • Customer Service Focused: Customers come first at IVAR.

  • Product Quality Guarantee: Our backpacks are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects. We have over twelve years of success selling to a wide range of brick and mortar retailers who have always commended us for our great quality.

  • Free Shipping in the USA: We offer free shipping in the USA via UPS Ground. Internationally, it’s $15 to Canada and $55 to select destinations.

  • Detailed Reporting: Easy to understand reports and data from our affiliate network, AvantLink.

Join our Affiliate Program — AvantLink:

Our affiliate network is with AvantLink — an industry-leading technology platform, offering you a robust set of affiliate tools free of charge and the best support in the business. Together with AvantLink, we’ll enjoy a successful affiliate partnership. To apply, please click the below button.