Our Story

Before founding IVAR, I observed how traditional backpacks let your cargo fall to a disorganized mess at the bottom with the weight focused on your lower back. Imagining a better backpack for comfort and organization, I developed and patented the IVAR-LIFT Design — a unique design for file-like organization, weight distribution, and load balance.


IVAR launched in July 2006. Over the years, the brand’s distributional height reached over 300 retail doors at one point in the USA and internationally. We've evolved with a commitment to design, innovation, and quality. A family-owned business, great product is our passion. Finally, we've given back significantly, with over 2,000 bags ($120,000+ in value) donated directly to in-need youths throughout the World.

Much gratitude,
Ian Ivarson

Charitable Mission

Since our start, we’ve been giving back with a focus on in-need youths. To date, we have donated over 2,000 high-quality IVAR backpacks via charities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad — more than $120,000 of in-value product. A vast majority of recipients have been in-need youths throughout Africa where our donations have been so great that, in some villages, the IVAR backpack brand is #1 on kids.

Pictured: IVAR recipients at The School of St Jude in Arusha, Tanzania.

IVAR Backpack Donations in Africa

Current/Past Charities Supported

  • Mike’s Bikes Africa Program

  • The Guardsmen of San Francisco

  • The Ritter Center (San Rafael, CA)

  • The San Pedro School (San Rafael, CA)

  • The Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, “This Old Bag” (San Francisco)

  • Ivarson Family Charitable Giving (San Francisco)