We reimagined the
traditional backpack.


We fixed what was
wrong with your
old backpack.

Imagine a backpack that perfectly organizes your cargo, provides easy access — and delivers weight distribution and load balance for carrying comfort. That’s the mission of IVAR and our patented design called the IVAR-LIFT.


Say hello to
US Patent 6474524.

In a typical backpack, everything falls to a disorganized mess with the weight on your lower back. The IVAR-LIFT Design’s tiered structure delivers comfortable weight distribution and perfect file-like organization.


Manufacturing Quality

Quality is paramount. We don’t make “cheap” backpacks. From the ultra durable 420D and 1680D Ballistic nylon body fabrics to the Japanese YKK Zippers utilized, all IVAR backpacks maintain a baseline commitment to high-end materials and construction.